• The most advanced 3" and 4" bore pump system available
  • The most efficient 3" and 4" bore pump system available
  • The most reliable 3" and 4" bore pump system available
  • Drop it Down. Plug it In. Turn it On.

Simple Self Installation

CapSub systems have been specifically designed for DIY installation, and supplied with all the components you need.

Installation is as simple as:

  • Lower the pump into your bore well
  • Plumb up output to your water delivery system
  • Plug controller into a standard 10amp/15amp 240v Power Point*
  • Switch it on and done

CapSub Systems require protection if installed externally. All System 1 and 2 models have been designed to fit in the widely available Polyslab® pump cover (cover not included).

Polyslab® is available from most pump shops, in a wide range of colours.

* Larger CapSub System 2 models require 15 amp - check individual models for details. System 3 Models require hardwired 240v or 3-Phase electrical supply, and must be connected by a licensed electrician.