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  • The most efficient 3" and 4" bore pump system available
  • The most reliable 3" and 4" bore pump system available
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Technical Library

This page provides ready access to our supporting literature and technical documentation. All documents are in PDF format.

CapSub Systems

CapSub4 Systems Brochure: Complete overview of the CapSub 4" Bore System, including detailed breakdown of components for each model.

CapSub3 Systems Brochure: Overview and component break down of the CapSub3 3" Bore System.

CapSub Technical Data Sheets

CapSub model numbers indicate Best Efficiency Points (BEP)in Flow l/min and metres of head. For Example, Capsub4 | System 1 | 40-45 has a BEP of around 40 litres per minute at 45 metres head.


CapSub4 | System 1 | 40-30

CapSub4 | System 2 | 60-100

CapSub4 | System 3 | 130-70

CapSub4 | System 1 | 45-40

CapSub4 | System 2 | 90-50

CapSub4 | System 3 | 170-70

CapSub4 | System 1 | 60-50

CapSub4 | System 2 | 90-70

CapSub4 | System 1 | 60-75


CapSub3 | System 2 | 20-50

CapSub3 | System 2 | 30-65

CapSub3 | System 2 | 50-45

CapSub3 | System 2 | 50-80

CapSub3 | System 2 | 80-55


E4XP Overview: High level features of the submersible pumps at the heart of CapSub systems

E4XP Performance Data:Complete range detail and performance data for the E4XP range

Controllers - User Manuals

CapSmart IPS: Used in all System 1 Models

CapSmart VFD: System 2 Models

CapDrive Ultimate: System 3 Models

Flexibore Rising Main

All CapSub systems use Flexibore 100® Flexible Rising Main. It's the best solution for submersible pumps, providing enhanced performance compared to rigid riser pipes (PVC and Poly); and eliminates the need for safety cable.

Flexibore 100 Data Sheet

Caprari Pumps has all your pumping requirements covered

If CapSub doesn’t suit your requirements, Caprari Pumps New Zealand can offer a custom engineered solution from our extensive range of class-leading submersible pumps. Caprari designs and manufactures pumps to suit bores from 3” to 22”, flows from 0.2 to 350 l/s and motors delivering 0.37 to 370kW in pumping power - we can guarantee a solution to any pumping requirement!

Solar Pumping Power

The class-leading efficiency of the E4XP Pump makes it ideally suited for solar powered pumping applications. Caprari Pumps offers a range of electrical panels specifically designed for pairing with a solar array and E4XP pump to make remote pumping - either retrofitting windmill or new bores - a genuine performance option.

Caprari E4XP Solar

Unique Desert ® Sand Out System - Up to 450 g/m³

Caprari's standard E4XP offers double industry standard for sand-handling to 300 g/m³ with no deterioration in service life. For extreme applications with a high percentage of solids or sands, Caprari goes even further with 4" and 6" pumps capable pf handling 450 g/m³.

Caprari Desert Line