• The most advanced 3" and 4" bore pump system available
  • The most efficient 3" and 4" bore pump system available
  • The most reliable 3" and 4" bore pump system available
  • Drop it Down. Plug it In. Turn it On.

System in Detail

Every CapSub System includes everything you need for simple installation. It’s professionally pre-wired, internally preplumbed with the pump unit, power supply and rising main configured to match your supplied bore specifications.

Download the CapSub4 Systems Overview or CapSub3 Systems Overview brochures for a complete overview of the Systems available, and breakdown of components provided for each model.

What you Get

For individual model specifics, check technical data sheets

CapSub Systems



Systems 1, 2 and 3 System 2
Suitable for Bores 4" (100mm)
5" (125mm) and
6" (150mm) with Shroud
3" (80mm)
Comes with everything you need
Ready for Installation
Individually Tested
2 Year Complete Warranty
Pumping Power
Pump Caprari E4XP Series CapSub-3 Series A
Motor B
Controller C
Automatic On/Off Control
Variable Frequency Drive System 2 and 3 Models
Current sensing technology (Pump & Motor Protection)
Plug and Play - 240v 10 Amp / 15 Amp 3 Pin "IN" (2m Length) Most - Check Individual Models
The Pump
Corrosion Protection Galvanic Defender ® All AISI 304
High Flow / Jam Free Check Valve
Desert Sand ® (Sand Protection system to 300gm3) System 1 and 2 Models Suitable for Clean Water
Down the Bore
Electrical Drop Cable (High Quality Rubber Submersible rated) ✔(Selected to suit specific application) D
All Electrical connections
Flexibore 100 Series Flexible Rising Main, c/- Stainless Steel Couplings ✔(Length determined by customer specifications) E
Pump and Motor Suspension Not Independently Required - Flexibore is designed to suspend the pump
Solid Stainless Steel Bore Cap (Adjustable) - Suit Bores 3-6" 3-4" F
Bore Cap Outlet (Threaded)
Additional Plumbing and Components
18L Horizontal Pressure Tank G
Connection Kit 316SS H
Bracket I
Heat Exchanger System 3 Models Water Cooled
Delivery Connection (BSP) Check individual models for dimensions 1 1/4" / 32mm FI BSP J
Flexible Swept Bend in Stainless Steel, c/- Unions Check individual models for dimensions 32mm (1 1/4") K
Fits Inside Polyslab® Cover (NOT INCLUDED) System 1 and 2 Models
Performance Characteristics Check individual model tech data sheets for details