• The most advanced 3" and 4" bore pump system available
  • The most efficient 3" and 4" bore pump system available
  • The most reliable 3" and 4" bore pump system available
  • Drop it Down. Plug it In. Turn it On.

CapSub-4 E4XP Series Submersible Pumps - The Next Generation


At the heart of all our CapSub-4 Systems are Caprari’s E4XP Series Pumps. The E4XP Series pump platform is newly designed from the ground-up, using the latest technology, materials and patented design innovations to deliver the most efficient, longest service life submersible pumps available.

The E4XP Series Submersible Pump range extends beyond the models used in our systems, and can deliver a maximum flow 390l/min (5200 gph), and head to 400m (570 psi)

  • The most power efficient 4” submersible pump range available
  • High Operating Reliability – Designed and manufactured by Caprari Pumps in Italy.
  • Slimline 98mm Design for easy fit in 4” Bore Holes
  • Handles extreme sand and solid conditions - up to 300g/m3 (double the industry standard)
  • Suitable for retrofitting and new bore installations, and all applications of groundwater extraction.
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Available in 240V 1 Phase to 2.2 kW & 415V 3 Phase to 7.5kW

Patented Design Innovations

  • Defender® - Integrated Galvanic Corrosion System protects the pump and motor from galvanic corrosion by passivating stainless steel components. Galvanic corrosion is one of the most common causes of bore pump failure.
  • Easy-Check® - Combining a unique low headloss check valve for improved flow, and innovative sealing and assembly system to extend pump life, avoid the possibility of the check valve jamming, and simplify inspection and maintenance.
  • Desert Sand-Out® - Technology and Materials enable extreme environment operation with no sacrifice in performance, efficiency, or longevity. The Desert system delivers best in class capabilities for sandy bores, and can handle up to 300 gm3 of solids – twice the industry standard.

Constructed to Last

  • Cast Stainless Steel components and for high strength and durability
  • Stainless Steel wear rings & spacer for high strength & higher pressures
  • Latest Generation Thermoplastics for efficiency and durability
  • Lexan® Impeller = Highest Efficiency
  • Noryl® Diffuser = Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant

Most Efficient Pumps Available

E4XP Series pumps consume less power for the same water delivery performance. Do the comparison of head and flow yourself with alternative pumps

Operating Characteristics guaranteed to meet the International Standard ISO 9906 Grade 2

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CapSub-3 Series Pumps


Caprari’s 3” Submersible Pumps are Australia’s first reliable 3” submersible pump system, suitable for all new and existing 3” bore wells, including retrofit of windmill wells.

  • Pumps entirely constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel, with high performance, high speed bearings and NBR seals for ensured durability, reliability and service life
  • Pump end fully serviceable and repairable
  • High speed submersible motor engineered to run at variable frequencies up to 140 Hz (8,200 rpm)
  • Standard 240v 10amp / 15amp single phase input to controller
  • Jam free, high flow check valve included in pump’s discharge